Why Choose Us

The Best Support

Our company is an independent company who can advise you best in relation to tariff, network and hardware.

Bespoke Package

We will build a bespoke package which will best suit the requirements of your company and best facilitate your employees.

Cost Effective

We can advice you best on how to get the best from your mobile communication and how to make them cost effective to your company.

Tailered Requirements

We can tailor to suit your requirements your mobile communications, landlines fixed and mobile broadband and many other solutions to ensure cost effectiveness for your business.


  • The Best Support

    Choosing your suppliers is just as, if not more important than choosing your network. Working with a company that understand your requirements and how your business functions is imperative to the smooth running of your contact and the services in which you require. With our staff boasting over 20 years experience within the industry we feel we have the knowledge to overcome and review your requirements in an appropriate and constructive manner.

  • Bespoke Package

    We can offer you a huge selection of tariffs tailored to suit the requirements of you as a company and the requirements of your employees In addition we can also advise and keep you up to date with optional extras which may be added to your tariff either on a 30 day basis or as a permanent part of your contract.

    We can advise you with regards to hardware, to ensure that the hardware you choose will support all your requirements.

    We are also, as mobile data specialist, able to provide you with solutions which you may want to also link with your company server. Mobile data is a product there is various packages on including data solution tariff for use when you are outside of the UK.

  • Cost Effective

    We can advise you with regards to warranty claims and replacements of any of your company handsets. If possible we will endeavour to provide you with a loan phone to cover your during any time you may have a problem. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that we will always compare your requirements between all the networks. We are an authorised dealer for Vodafone, O2 and EE, therefore giving us the ability to compare tariffs and additional services for you which suit your requirements accurately.

  • Mobile Network

    We work in harmony with all the mobile networks and are able to build bespoke packages and can in some cases, secure discounts which we can forward to our customers. In using our company as your Business Solutions Provider you will guarantee to always get the best advice and support.

  • Mobile Devices and Operating Systems

    In relation to your choice of mobile hardware we can advise you best on what will suit the requirements of both your company and staff, and advise you which devices support the operating system which will dramatically assist the smooth running of your company.

    For every business mobile connectivity is imperative. Employees will be able to work more efficiently and even proactively when they have the most effective business tools, which can be utilized in a secure manner. Effectively using the right tools will allow your company to save money and provide a bespoke service to your customers.

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Our Vision

It is our vision to keep our customers right up to date with all the latest products available and are focused into providing the highest level of customer service possible. Each and every one of our customers will be appointed their own dedicated account manager to enable them to quickly and easily get the service they deserve.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest level of account management and in being able to provide a comprehensive ‘Business Solutions’ package covering an array of products and services.

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Our Promise

We employ a proactive team so our customers can be confident that our customers are always right up to date with anything that may assist their business. Our dedicated ‘Account Managers’ take an interest in your business in order to gain a full understanding of your present and potential requirements. We will always have a positive presence in your company and give our advice to keep your company right up to date, both with hardware and services required. In addition when there are discounts available we will ensure that they are requested on your behalf.

As a valued customer we will provide you with a customer pack giving you all of our contact details including office and mobile numbers and also email addresses. In relations to your orders we will always contact you to confirm deliveries and installations and endeavour to ensure minimum delays in order to avoid any inconvenience.

We are always here to help whether you require placing an order, asking some advice, or having a problem or query. We are a friendly company with approachable people. Talk to us on first name terms as we feel the concept of dealing directly with people, rather than an online sales or customer service team is unbeatable. We are always happy to come to your offices to visit as we feel this helps to personalise our relationship. We can assist in training for your staff where required and feel that the person to person relationship is unbeatable.

Once we enter into a working relationship with any of our customers we will strive to ensure that it is the start of a long tern relationship and will do everything we can to put in the place the foundations of a fruitful and long term partnership.

Our company have been trading for a number of years and have a wealth of experience in the industry. Our staff boast over 20 years experience within the mobile industry.

Responsible Company

We are sure that our customers feel that our attention to detail is second to none as we endeavour to keep our customers fully updated on new and improved products and services. We take responsibility as your ‘Account Managers’ and ensure that any questions or queries you may have are dealt with effectively and in a timely fashion.

We also as a company take environmental issues very seriously and monitor our carbon footprint. We regularly review our procedures in order to ensure that our company retain an efficient ‘green policy’.

We are an authorised dealer for Vodafone, O2 and EE, therefore giving us the ability to compare tariffs and additional services for you which suit your requirements accurately.

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